pwgen secure password generator

options: length: capitalize: numerals: symbols: secure: ambiguous: no-vowels: generate passwords
$ pwgen -C --capitalize --numerals --symbols --secure 32 20

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Usage: pwgen [ OPTIONS ] [ pw_length ] [ num_pw ]
Options supported by pwgen:
  -c or --capitalize
        Include at least one capital letter in the password
  -A or --no-capitalize
        Don't include capital letters in the password
  -n or --numerals
        Include at least one number in the password
  -0 or --no-numerals
        Don't include numbers in the password
  -y or --symbols
        Include at least one special symbol in the password
  -s or --secure
        Generate completely random passwords
  -B or --ambiguous
        Don't include ambiguous characters in the password
  -h or --help
        Print a help message
  -H or --sha1=path/to/file[#seed]
        Use sha1 hash of given file as a (not so) random generator
        Print the generated passwords in columns
        Don't print the generated passwords in columns
  -v or --no-vowels
        Do not use any vowels so as to avoid accidental nasty words

 + none of the generated data is recorded or kept at all in any way by the provider of this service.
 + this site does not use cookies or any kind of tracking bs or fancy external bloated bs or even javascript at all.
 + ip address and the requested url will be kept for a while though like on almost any other standard webserver.
 + the exchanged data between server and client is SSL encrypted.
 + it is how ever, still not the best practice to ever trust an online password generator at all! so, hush! hush! go and use pwgen on your local machine ;-)
 + keep in mind that the provider of this service don't really care about you at all. He only made this site for his own convenience in first place and not yours or because he wants to get any attention or opinions about this service. He he is happy with this service for now but might stop this service at any time without any prior notice!
 + What are you still doing here? Go and get a life!!!