pwgen secure password generator

options: length: capitalize: numerals: symbols: secure: ambiguous: no-vowels: generate passwords
$ pwgen -C --capitalize --numerals --symbols --secure 16 20

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Usage: pwgen [ OPTIONS ] [ pw_length ] [ num_pw ]
Options supported by pwgen:
  -c or --capitalize
        Include at least one capital letter in the password
  -A or --no-capitalize
        Don't include capital letters in the password
  -n or --numerals
        Include at least one number in the password
  -0 or --no-numerals
        Don't include numbers in the password
  -y or --symbols
        Include at least one special symbol in the password
  -s or --secure
        Generate completely random passwords
  -B or --ambiguous
        Don't include ambiguous characters in the password
  -h or --help
        Print a help message
  -H or --sha1=path/to/file[#seed]
        Use sha1 hash of given file as a (not so) random generator
        Print the generated passwords in columns
        Don't print the generated passwords in columns
  -v or --no-vowels
        Do not use any vowels so as to avoid accidental nasty words

 + none of the generated data is recorded or kept at all in any way by the provider of this service.
 + this site does not use cookies or any kind of tracking bs or fancy external bloated bs or even any (java)script(s) at all.
 + ip address and the requested url will be kept for a while though like on almost any other standard webserver.
 + the exchanged data between server and client is ssl encrypted.
 + how ever, it is a bad idea to ever trust an online password generator at all (!!!) so, hush! hush! go and use pwgen on your local machine ;-)
 + this generator is made for the authors own convenience and he really don't care about you and your problems at all.
 + this service might go offline without prior notice.
 + did you just read all this crap? :p
 + what are you still doing here? go and get a life! now!!!